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S.No Ac.Year Sub.Code-Name Date Topic Strategy Download
1 2017-18 BA5111-Spoken and Written Communication 2018-04-16 Workplace Communication shapes Game
2 2018-19 BA 5105 -Organization Behavior 2018-06-09 Team Building Experiential games in teambuilding- Breaking of balloons, newspaper bridge, human pyramid.
3 2018-19 BA 5012-Security Analysis and Portfolio Management 2018-08-29 Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Portfolio Management – Live Share Market Trading Site Live online trading of stocks was shown in NSE and BSE using own proprietary website
4 2018-19 BA5411-Project Work 2018-09-03 Data Analysis Practical session using R-Programming
5 2018-19 BA5006 -Service Marketing 2018-09-08 Integrated Service Marketing Communication Activity- Preparation and presentation of Print advertisement on chart pap
6 2018-19 BA5302-Strategic Management 2018-09-20 The strategy implementation process Board Room game- business simulation game